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Each Ocularvision lens is manufactured under FDA guidelines using advanced production techniques and state of the art computer controlled equipment to guarantee consistency.

Our viscoelastic surgical fluid has numerous surgical benefits, including dampening ultrasonic waves during phacoemulsification and increasing anterior chamber depth. It is the perfect lubrication for injectable IOLs.

We also supply high volume, fast wicking eye sponges, Schirmer Tear Tests, Flourescein strips, and other surgical supplies. Click above for a complete list of our other products.

About Ocularvision, Inc.

Ocularvision, inc. was established in 1988 to manufacture intraocular lenses using the latest CNC technology available and to provide lens making technology to other companies. During this time we helped set-up 8 IOL manufacturing labs in 6 countries. In 1994 Ocularvision, inc. changed its focus and decided to manufacture intraocular lenses and viscoelastic surgical fluid for veterinary ophthalmology.

Ocularvision, inc. owns its own manufacturing lab and manufactures in accordance to the ISO 9001, ISO13485 quality control system requirements. This has given us a solid foundation for our quality control system to insure we produce the best intraocular lens and viscoelastic possible, using established materials with a long history in ophthalmology.

Since 1994, thanks to our loyal veterinary ophthalmology customers we have supplied over 65,000 intraocular lenses and 40,000 viscoelastic surgical fluids. Our goal is to maintain the respect of our veterinary ophthalmologist customers and earn the respect of new customers by providing the highest quality products and services.

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